Saturday, November 30, 2013


This Review is about one of my Top 5 Elvis movie soundtracks...

Although this 1965 movie about a Rodeo Rider (Elvis) finding love at a female dude ranch was critically panned - most viewer reviews are very positive.

Here is this films major distinction:
This is the only Elvis movie that didn't have an original soundtrack. To keep a budget and expenses low, the producers: Allied Artists Pictures, (who was in tremendous financial difficulty at the time) used previously recorded and even some previously released songs from as far back as 1960. That's five years old!

My Take:
Because of the above mentioned circumstances Tickle Me inadvertently produced a great score. One of my all time favorites! There are some real gems and collectors gold here. "Feels So Right", "Dirty, Dirty Feeling" and "Night Rider" certainly beat any other Elvis movie song(s) of the time - think "Easy Come, Easy Go" or "Do The Clam".

And, in this Elvis fanatic's opinion, (remember - I am an Elvis fanatic) this movie's music stands up quite nicely to the brilliant British Invasion that was happening at the time.

To me, having a 1960 Elvis voice singing in a 1965 Elvis movie merely ads to Tickle Me's novelty. I really like this movie and I love the soundtrack!

( Jody Cranston / Elvis Review ).
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