Sunday, June 19, 2011



"Possibly the best song you never heard."

THE SONG - Written in 1962 by Bobby George and Vern Stovall. The idea for the song came from Bobby George over hearing a wife telling her husband that she longed to have more money so she could could ride in a long black limousine - Careful what you wish for.

MY TAKE - I always felt that Elvis heard something autobiographical in this song, maybe that is why he sang it with the type of passion usually found in his gospel recordings. This song is the epitome of a hidden gem, quite possibly the best song you never heard, Elvis or otherwise. To hear Elvis emote this song with The Sweet Inspirations turning in their virtuoso back up vocal performance is a moving experience for any listener. A couple of my favorite vocal moments are at: 2:39 and 2:55.

Why is the song Long Black Limousine not better known? I really have no answer for that other then the fact that it was recorded at the same sessions in Memphis that produced the smash hit "In The Ghetto". Therefor, it may have been slightly overshadowed. But, don't let that stop you from enjoying one of musics all time "hidden gems".

( Jody Cranston / Hidden Gem #1 ).
( Jody Cranston / Elvis Blog ).