Sunday, June 19, 2011



I really love this song! Really (honestly)!

THE SONG - Written by Bill Giant, Bernie Baum & Florence Kaye for the sound track to the movie Paradise, Hawaiian Style (1966). Sung in duet Marianna Hill with at the Piki Niki Lounge.

MY TAKE - OK, I know what you are thinking... how can you present a seemingly throwaway song from the bottom 10 Elvis movie "Paradise Hawaiian Style" (although it was Seventeen Magazine's "Picture of the Month" for June 1966) as a "Hidden Gem" right after the brilliance of Long Black Limousine.
I have two answers:
1) To lighten up the mood a little. Maybe Long Black Limousine is too good/dark for its own good.
2) I really love this song! Really (honestly)! Listen to this song a couple of times and tell me if you can't get it out of your head for the rest of the day.

The scene in the movie when this song is performed is when Rick Richards (Elvis) is getting together with old flame Lani Kiamana (Marianna Hill) then suddenly appears with her as a duet in Lani's afternoon singing gig. Although Elvis sleepwalks through this scene (that's not being negative, we all have bad days), there is definitely some chemistry between the two. I think Marianna Hill turns in one of the best performances by an Elvis costar in any of his movies with her sensual performance of this catchy song. I also like the vocal "Elvisisms"

NOTE: Elvis' friends and bodyguards are extras that make up practically the entire lounge audience for this songs movie scene.

( Jody Cranston / Hidden Gem #2 ).
( Jody Cranston / Elvis Blog ).